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I'm a weird guy interested in many different aspects of life. The spectrum has its origin in the very essential questions of being, gently kisses the evolution of the universe and finally hits the heart of nature's secrets. Well, it's quite inclusive, though. Simply put, it's all about everything and nothing ...

But I've got some practical interests as well. Amongst other things, the design and implementation of modern computer operating systems, planning and installing robust, reliable and secure IT infrastructures.

My professional competence comprises the configuration of core network services, such as firewalls, routers, web/file/mail/proxy servers. Further, I deal with virtualisation, security, high availability and monitoring.

Aside from computers and IT, I also enjoy natural sciences. Some of my personal study fields include biology and medicine, with particular focus on brain sciences. In addition to that, I like thinking through and solving complex problems, and serious technical or philosophical discussions.

Some of my favourite bookmarks are organised on

Also, I'm a passionated scuba diver.

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I prefer interacting with computers through text interfaces. This enables me to combine the processing power of computers and the creativity of the human brain, effectively exploiting its full potential.

A small selection of day-to-day tools I use: dwm and many other tools, rxvt-unicode, pdksh, zsh, OpenSSH, OpenSMTPD, mutt, vim, tmux, xombrero, cyphertite. The configuration files live here.

My business Thinkpad runs OpenBSD, my workstations run OpenBSD, all my private servers (like this one) run OpenBSD, some selected production servers at work run OpenBSD (amount increasing). Why? Clean, thought-out design; high-quality code; correct and up-to-date technical documentation; stability; evolutionary and fast, non-impulsive development process; continually improving; openness - no binary blobs, no NDAs, mostly BSD/MIT-licensed; maturity (not only of the operating system itself); non-commercial; minimalism - no bloat of useless, unmaintained features and code; simplicity; elegance; universality; sane configuration by default; true adherence to the unix philosophy; a good security record and cool artwork(!) ... You still don't get what it's all about? Go convince yourself.

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